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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching

It's my pleasure and honor to help you realize your highest self through this unique healing and recovery modality. 

Come From Behind!

This coaching program equips survivors of this insidious abuse with the tools they need to end the nightmare and recover and reclaim their identity, thus changing the trajectory of their lives. Narcissistic abuse recovery can be overwhelming because of the FOG that victims experience—Fear, Obligation, and Guilt.


  • Discover who they are after relationships with a narcissist.

  • Identify healthy vs. toxic romantic relationships and behavior.

  • Create, and re-establish boundaries and standards for themselves.

  • Self-advocate and trust/listen to their intuition/gut/soul intelligence.

  • Learn to say "no" when warranted and communicate more effectively.

  • Work towards building a better life for themselves.

  • I teach the dark truths about narcissistic abuse from a Biblical perspective.

  • I break down the spiritual component and how they can be set free through the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I see amazing people decide to trade abuse and misery for healing and personal fulfillment.

I invite you to take the next step, schedule your appointment, and walk into your prepared places.

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