It’s 2022, and many women will be hitting the reset button, which is fantastic. Many already have appointments scheduled for skin, colon, liver, sugar, and even full-body detoxes. All are beneficial, but when was the last time that you had a Hetox? Maybe this is your first time hearing of this, and you are not sure if you even need to Hetox; well, answer these questions honestly:


  • Are you emotionally constipated?

  • Are you harboring emotions such as sadness, guilt, or ruminating on your ex?

  • Do you find yourself suppressing feelings of love, joy, and feeling stuck and unable to move on after that breakup?

  • Are negative thoughts running out of control in your mind, and you are constantly judging yourself?

  • It’s time-release the expired version of you so that you can walk in the consciousness of your authenticity.

  • Do you constantly date the same type of man, and now you are ready to give up altogether?

  • Have you done the work required to break the soul ties of your past partners?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it is crucial that you reserve your participation in Hetox.

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 Prepare to get naked and unashamed. It's time to examine what has been driving your decision-making process honestly. Is it: fear, anxiety, shame, abandonment, childhood trauma, disappointment, insecurity? The list could go on, but it's time to scrutinize the role those unresolved emotions and pain played in your relationship choices.  

This is an intensive 3, 6, or 12-month program that will require discipline and commitment. It is a pledge you must be willing to make to the woman you are today and the future version of yourself. Aren't you tired of the same old results? That means no men for 12 months. Yes, that part! No boo thang on the side, ignoring the "hey big head texts." You are worthy of 12 months of your concentrated efforts so that you can emerge with:

  • A clear vision for your future.

  • Confident in your authenticity.

  • Overflowing in self-love and self-respect.

  • With a deeper connection to self.

Hetox concentrates on the following areas: 

  1. Identity

  2. Self-Love

  3. Goals and Vision

  4. Relationships

Are you ready to Hetoxify?

Not sure if Hetox is for you? Let's talk about it! 

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