Meet Joy

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Joy is an emerging voice with a profound message that inspires hope, ignites passion, and unleashes

purpose. A dynamic transformational speaker excites her audiences and translates hard-hitting

spiritual insights into everyday language that empowers individuals to transform their lives by

helping change the path they take on the quest for meaning, dignity, purpose, and hope.


A narcissistic abuse recovery coach, she offers unique programs that passionately elevate the lives

of her clients in a meaningful and distinctive way, empowering them to evolve into their most

significant state. She is a passionate childhood sexual abuse and narcissistic abuse advocate

and helps survivors unveil the mask the shame.

Joy shares the principles of God’s Word with truth and passion; she is a relatable orator; with

humor and vulnerability. She opens up to the audience via the podium and pen through the lens

of her own life. She tells-it-like-it-is but does it with grace, integrity, and love. She authentically

encourages and challenges others to:

  • Walk confidently in God’s purpose and plan for their lives

  • Trust in the power of God to provide courage and freedom

  • Move forward in the abundant life; He offers to all.

          Her highly anticipated book, "Fearless The Relentless Pursuit," was released on July 27th, 2021. 

She is the creator of the guided self-awareness journal "Bloom" and a guided journal for survivors of

narcissistic abuse  "Breathe". Her breakthrough memoir "Beyond The Mask," captivates the readers

as she shares her journey from pain to purpose. Co-author of "Life in The Diaspora," Joyce partnered

with like-minded individuals to convey a message of Hope, Restoration, and Empowerment for others to

live out their full potential through God’s power.  


She is the host of the Pink Girl Teaches Podcast.

Joy was recently featured in Shoutout HTX. Read the complete article here

She is also the mother of a teenage daughter and son, who are her greatest inspiration. The weight room is

her place of solace.

It's time to heal!

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