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Meet Joy

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Joy has lived through her share of vicious storms and violent assaults on her emotional and

psychological well-being. She is a survivor of childhood sexual assault and grappled with crippling

depression that resulted in failed suicide attempts. She spent many years being invisible to herself and

believed the negative soundtrack of her mind reinforced low self-esteem and self-hate, and as a result,

she lived behind the veil of her true self.


A pattern of narcissistic relationships followed. It was not until she hit rock bottom and became sick

and tired of being sick and tired that she pursued healing actively. Joy traded the enemy's lies for God's

truth about her, and Pink Girl Teaches was birthed.


Now her mission is to help survivors of narcissistic abuse prevail against this fierce battle, rise from the

hard floors of their most painful defeats and evolve into the women God already knows they are.

Joy shares the principles of God’s Word with truth and passion; she is a relatable orator; with

humor and vulnerability. She opens up to the audience via the podium and pen through the lens

of her own life. She tells-it-like-it-is but does it with grace, integrity, and love. She authentically

encourages and challenges others to:

  • Walk confidently in God’s purpose and plan for their lives

  • Trust in the power of God to provide courage and freedom

  • Move forward in the abundant life; He offers to all.

As a Trauma-Informed Certified Life Coach, Joy specializes in helping women like you heal from

trauma and narcissistic abuse and reclaim their power and self-worth. Through our private

coaching sessions, we'll identify the non-productive patterns and limiting beliefs holding

you back and create a personalized plan for your healing and growth.

If you're ready to leave the past behind and confidently move forward, I invite you to sign up for

one-on-one coaching with me. Together, we'll help you rediscover your inner strength, rebuild your

trust in yourself, and create a life you truly love.

Don't let the trauma of narcissistic abuse define you. Take the first step towards healing, and sign up

for coaching me today.

As a trauma-informed certified life coach, I specialize in emotional recovery for survivors of narcissistic abuse. Trauma can significantly impact a person's mental health, relationships, and overall well-being. I have been trained to understand the effects of trauma, how to work with survivors, and how to effectively support my clients on their healing journey.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider partnering with me:

  • PGT is a safe and supportive environment where you will be challenged to explore your thoughts and feelings about the trauma. I provide a non-judgmental space where you can freely express yourself without fear of criticism or rejection.

  • I have lived experience and, therefore, a deep understanding of trauma, narcissistic abuse, and its effects on the body, mind, and spirit.  I will help you develop coping strategies, build resilience, and work through inner healing and recovery.

  • Narcissistic abuse can make it challenging to set and achieve goals. As your Fearless Coach, I will help you identify your values, set achievable goals, and develop a plan to achieve them. This will help you regain control of your life and empower you.

  • Narcissistic abuse and trauma can affect your relationships with others. As your Fearless Coach, I will help you develop healthier communication skills, set boundaries, and build supportive relationships.

  • Narcissistic abuse and trauma can make it challenging for survivors to prioritize self-care. I will help develop a self-care plan that fits your needs and supports your well-being.

  • And so much more.

Overall, partnering with me as your narcissistic abuse recovery coach will be a valuable experience. My commitment and responsibility are to challenge you to rise from the cold floor of defeat. Equip you with the tools you need to HEAL and EVOLVE so you can step into RESTORATION so you can fearlessly pursue your most significant state! 


It's time to heal!

Book your 1:1 coaching session now

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