On the recovery journey from narcissistic abuse, it is easy to get pulled into the rabbit hole and binge on information about narcissistic abuse. Before you know it, you have spent countless hours with a singular focus. Imagine how your life could change if you spent that time focused on YOU! Are you the red flag in your journey of recovery?

The relationship was riddled with silent treatment, stonewalling, and disappearing acts that trigger unresolved issues and send you on a downward spiral where you spend countless hours ruminating and wondering what you could have possibly done to prove your worth to them. Focusing your energy on what you cannot change is a red flag, and concentrating on them leaves you with little time to focus on yourself. Neglecting your needs is self-betrayal; you must show up for yourself.

You don't share children, investments, or property with them, yet you still have not gone No Contact. Why do you leave the door open? Are you hoping that one day they will have an epiphany and realize that you are indeed the love of their life? You are romanticizing the illusion they created and ignoring the reality of their proven character, which is a red flag. Why settle for breadcrumbs? Don't you deserve more?

The feelings of abandonment and rejection are devastating, and avoidance can appear easier than sitting with the painful truth. But how does stalking their social media accounts, looking up the new supply, and checking up on them help you recover? While you are focused on them, who is focused on you? Nobody. Downloading that dating app and seeking a new boo will have you competing with a fantasy when you have already encountered the truth of who they are and what you need.

It's time to stop nursing fear and anxiety and let that red flag staring you in the mirror turn green. Take the next step in your emotional recovery journey at the PGT Academy,  where you will have immediate access to self-paced E-courses that will facilitate your journey of emotional recovery and heal the parts that accepted this behavior. Remember, you are worthy of love and respect, and your needs are being met. Don't forget to sign up for the weekly newsletter at www.pinkgirlteaches.com for additional support and resources.