Like many women I found myself wondering, “when will it be my turn?” That question without a doubt has run through many minds and has kept many up late at night. It’s the question that many of us are afraid to ask out loud because it’s sometimes perceived as desperation or a of lack of faith. More often than not, the response is, “trust the Lord sis, His timing is always right.” The truth is, it’s an honest and bold question that speaks to the desire of the heart.

I used to believe that a soulmate or a swole-mate would be sufficient for me, but not anymore. Reflecting on my prior perspective made me realize just how shallow that thinking was.

Sole-mate, seemed to be a more honest way to express my desire. A gentleman whose feet are firmly planted on the ground. Confident in his decision, he would never straddle the fence. Willing, and ready to walk through life’s valleys and climb to the mountain peaks with me and for me. Whom when my feet hurt and I can’t take another step will not throw in the towel and abandon me but still sees me, as worth continuing to walk with. When need be, without hesitation he picks me up and continues on the path before us knowing, that our destiny and purpose is worth the discomfort of bearing my weight. One whose ego is surrendered, and his pride buried that there is no façade. When his sole is aching and in need of a massage, it’s the touch of my hands that his heart craves. When calluses, corns and bunions begin to form on my feet because the journey is long, the road winding and the path is not always clear, he stays by my side, never steering off course to rub on perfectly manicured and softer feet. Instead he holds me tighter and pulls me in closer because he loves how my feet feel in his hands.

It's a sole-mate that I desire most. Life is a journey, an unpredictable one at that but with him, my heart can rest securely knowing that our soles are committed to taking the next step together.

To every lady in waiting, to every sister who is discourage, all I say to you today is to not lose faith. You deserve more than the randomness of a passerby. You are worth the commitment and steady love. He, your sole-mate will be well worth the wait.

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