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Word is, issa, a virtual pajama party and Ima down like four flats, yeah, it’s that kind of vibe!


We work hard, and often we are everything to everyone, and this is our moment to BREATHE and connect with women who understand what it means to walk in the shoes of a survivor of narcissistic abuse.


We show up as “the strong friend,” Executive Chef, Nurse in Charge, Project Manager, Event Coordinator, Accountant, Advocate, and Stylist for our loved ones and then step into our professional roles and run businesses and hold ministry positions. Yeah, my bonnet and I are ready, ready!


To snack or not to snack, now that’s the question that I am struggling with because your girl is trying to be disciplined to this place called snatched.


Join me, Friday September 16th at 7 pm CST until ....

Bonnet on off. Camera on or not. Snacks galore or not. You decide. It’s about sisterhood and fellowship, and I look forward to our time together.

Register HERE!

Hetox is the emotional detox for victims of narcissistic abuse.


This 30-day program provides a holistic approach to purifying undigested and overprocessed emotions. This will help you on your quest for meaning, purpose, and hope after narcissistic abuse, and it's the pursuit of your most significant state.


Key areas of focus:

  • Identity

  • Self-Love

  • Vision and Goals

  • Relationships

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There is a desperate need for bibliometric-based empowerment, and that is what the PGT YouTube channel aims to provide victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse.


The purpose of your healing journey is not to answer the whys regarding what is against you or might have happened to you but to awaken and activate your most significant state. This is done by examining narcissistic abuse from a Spiritual and Biblical perspective, as you allow the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to permeate the brokenness, disappointment, and sorrow that this insidious abuse causes. Allowing you to ultimately be transformed by realizing your significance and value in Christ.

Join me LIVE on YouTube on Sundays at 6:15 p.m. CST. Let's laugh, learn and most importantly, grow together.