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Have you ever thought about who you would be when you step into your true identity without titles that trauma and pain clothed you in?

All 2023 here at PGT, we are intentionally declining the RSVP to stay the same. We are FEARLESSLY ..... Stepping into HerStory!


PGT's intimate group coaching programs will empower you to step into YOUR STORY and equip you to walk in your authentic identity.

Many survivors of narcissistic abuse secretly admit to feeling lost and confused about who they are after everything they thought they knew or believed was turned upside down.

  • This feeling can appear suddenly and feels like a nagging sense of insecurity or a fear that you’re in the wrong place or role. It can show up like

  • A lack of confidence in your professional life.

  • An inability to rid yourself of negative self-talk patterns.

  • A vicious inner critic who is there to keep you from truly owning your power, taking up space, and showing up with confidence.

Can you relate to any of this?


The good news is that this feeling is pervasive and normal – and also ultimately surmountable. This intimate coaching program has been designed to challenge you to dig deeper into who you are, who you have been, and who God originally created you to be. Connecting scripture to real-life experiences.

To Step into HerStory and own your truth, click Here to register!

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This 8-week intimate group coaching program was created to help you:

  • Get Unstuck

  • Evict the Imposture

  • Overcome Procrastination

  • Silence Self-Doubt

  • Stop Self-Sabotaging

It is for you, about you, and designed to propel you into Your Story. Period! You will be challenged to get real so you can release the expired version of yourself! Your identity is no longer tethered to the roles you play, the hats you wear, or even the circumstances you've faced. Lived.


To register, click Here!

*Limited Seating

**Payment Plans Available

Culturally, it is taboo to talk about the Mother- Wound. As a result, many suffer in silence as they try to piece together the pieces of their shattered foundation. But, for many women, this is NO LONGER WORKING.

This comprehensive and transformational Group Coaching program will equip and empower you to Step into HerStory! 

Many women spend their ENTIRE lives dealing with these painful patterns and beliefs that comprise the Mother Wound. They never get to a place to do the deep inner work required to break the Mother Wound's intergenerational patterning, which gets passed down to the next generation. Maybe your mother or grandmother struggled with their painful patterns and low-self concept, which got passed down to you.

If you are ready to break the cycle and begin the journey of emotional recovery, click here to register!

As a little girl, you had little control over what happened to you. You depended on your parents and/or other caregivers to care for and mold and guide you.


In most cases, they try to do the best they can. However, what you may not realize until you become an adult, is that your parents, your caregivers, and other adults in your lives did the best they could to provide for and guide you through the lens of surviving or living through their own personal traumas. Is this an excuse? No, it is just fact!

As an adult, you have control over your life! You have the control to change the narrative and create a new story!

If you are ready to heal the Mother-Wound, register by clicking HereThis intimate group coaching program runs from May 16th to July 11th. 


*Limited seating

**Payment plans available

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