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One of the benefits of journaling is that it:
Helps you manage your emotions.

A journal allows us to organize our thoughts by setting them into meaningful sections and giving us a fresh perspective.

Some of our conversations with friends happens, with words flying out of our mouths and at times with poorly chosen words that curtail the essence of what we want to say.

Journaling, affords us the opportunity to be reflective and consider what we want to say. This ultimately gives us an accurate representation of our thoughts and emotions.

When you read the words back one day, the true nuances of the emotions and viewpoints will come through clearly - it's a way to take a journey deep inside our hearts.

If you are struggling with managing your emotions after narcissistic abuse, BREATHE and journal.

Breathe The Guided Journal for Victims of Narcissistic Abuse

  • This is a fillable digital version of Breathe the guided jornal for victims of narcissistis abuse.

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